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My interest in photography started about the time my family took an extended vacation through Canada and Michigan in our truck camper. My first camera was a Polaroid Swinger Model 20 camera. I remember having a lot of fun with that camera on this trip. It was a plastic camera that shot 20 photos per roll. And they developed instantly outside of the camera. You had to use an applicator to swipe across the image to preserve it. My next camera was a Yashica point-and-shoot camera, followed by a Pentax K1000. My photo interests were scenics, flowers and wildlife. It wasn't until my brother Lance played football that I found out that sports photography was a lot of fun. During high school, I spent most of my time working at Monroe's Marina in Westfield, N.Y., working on my motorcycle and racing on area motocross tracks. In the winter I raced snowmobiles.

My interests in photography led me to Villa Maria College in Buffalo, N.Y. I graduated from Villa with a degree in Photography. I thoroughly enjoyed my photo internship with the Buffalo Sabres. From Villa I worked at five different newspapers in three different states. The last two newspapers I worked at were papers in Steubenville, OH and Beaver, PA. Erie, PA is where I eventually ended up. Erie is where my wife grew up, so it was only natural to head back to be closer to our families.

After losing my job at the Beaver County Times in Beaver, PA, I began attending Tri-State Business Institute two weeks later. I graduated from Tri-State in February of 2006 with a degree in Website Development and Management and an Associates degree in Computer Information Systems/Networking. It's interesting that my interest in photography led me to attend college for a degree in photography and a while later my interest in the internet and computers prompted me to get a degree in Website Development and Management and a degree in Networking. After Tri-State, I worked at the Erie Times-News as an IT Specialist for 6 months before landing my current position at Penn State Erie as an IT Support Specialist.

Mort Buss

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